Video Job/Internships at Northview Church (Indianapolis)

Northview Church in Indianapolis is experiencing strong growth, and is hiring for a new position in their video department. They’re looking for someone with a great eye, as well as good animation/After Effects skills. The position is open immediately – great teammates [the supervisor of this position used to work for the Indianapolis Colts] and great environment [the broadcast campus has multiple laser-projected large screens, one of which is a 30 by 80 foot backscreen]. Here’s the listing:

In addition to the open position and their internships, they have recently established a two year residency program for recent grads who are looking to build their resumes with strong real world experience. It’s a great opportunity, since they are able to offer experience in a very fast-paced live video production environment in addition to the editing/shooting/etc… side of things. As a reminder, here’s a sample of the environment that they would be learning/working in:

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