Video Internship at Pizza Hut of Ft. Wayne (PAID)

Objective Pizza Hut of Fort Wayne is looking for students who wish to expand their knowledge of film production and its relevance in social media campaigns.  Students will work with Pizza Hut’s Department of People & Culture and Marketing Directors to develop and display content that will highlight the people of Pizza Hut and Pizza Hut’s product.  Students will use equipment provided by Pizza Hut to tell the story of the people who work at one of the most successful Pizza Hut franchises in the world.  This educational experience will be lead by Todd Roberts, a former award winning video production teacher.
·       Work with Pizza Hut directors to develop social media marketing content

·       Work with Pizza Hut directors to develop storyboards

·       Record creative shots

·       Edit videos display on social media and YouTube.

·       Proficient storyboarding skills

·       Ability to frame creative video shots

·       Demonstrate great timing in editing

·       Ability to work with a team

·       Proficient interpersonal communication

·       Ability to use YouTube and other video platforms effectively

·       Previous internship experience

·       Knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro editing software

·       Previous experience developing content for social media

·       Ability to take and edit photos using Adobe Creative Cloud products

·       Understanding of analytics and metrics in regards to social media


·       Co-op Salary Range:    $10/hr

·       Number of Hours Per Week:    10-20

·       Approximate Start Date for Co-op:
Beginning of Summer Semester

·       Approximate Ending Date:
End of Summer Semester*


*Option to extend the internship into the fall semester could occur based on agreement by the student, employer and university.


Contact Contact Person:  Todd Roberts

Title: Director of People & Culture

Telephone Number: (260) 704-4803

FAX Number: (260) 436-0762

E-Mail Address:


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