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Alumni and Faculty Work Lucas Oil’s $8.5 Million Upgrade Shakedown

TCOM Alumnus Mike Stevens
Alumnus Mike Stevens works the Lucas Oil a/v equipment upgrade on July 20, 2019. Many TCOM alumni, faculty, and UMS employees took part in the shakedown of the $8.5 million gear upgrade.

By: Tim Underhill

Ball State University was well-represented at Lucas Oil Stadium on July 20, 2019. The audio/video equipment at the NFL facility had just been upgraded. The Indy Eleven played soccer, but the crew was conducting a shakedown of the $8.5 million gear upgrade.

TCOM faculty working the event:

  • Rich Swingley, Lead Audio
  • Tim Underhill, Camera
  • Akex Kartman, Indy Eleven Broadcast Audio

BSU UMS employees at the shakedown:

  • Keith Huffman, Technical Director
  • Heather Hunt, Instant Replay
  • Rick Martin, Video
  • Chris Reidy, Graphics

Other Ball State TCOM Grads involved:

  • Chris Buckley, Senior Broadcast Engineer Indianapolis Colts/Lucas Oil Stadium, who’s in charge of all of the audio/video equipment in the stadium
  • Paul Nijak, Senior Design Engineering Specialist at Beck TV, lead the installation
  • Mike Stevens, Operations Manager of Video Engineering for the Indianapolis Colts, ensured the upgrades will improve the fan experience

Plus, there were many other graphics, utility, audio and camera operators with Ball State ties.