Media Intern for Congressional Candidate (Indiana)

August-December 2019

   Brief Job Summary:

Assisting Democratic candidate Jeaninne Lee Lake and her political director Lori Morgan on her campaign to make history to become the first woman and person of color of Indiana’s 6th District, currently held by US Congressman Gregory Pence, the Vice-President Mike Pence’s older brother.

Typically Reports to:

Lori Morgan (765) 914-8186 or via email at

Hours Accumulated:

Two credits (about 150 hours).


Capable skills and knowledge of computer programs and social media to create and produce a variety of digital media/marketing/public relations pieces for Congressional campaign.

Main Functions:

  •  Using video, audio, and emerging digital media to develop, design, write, and create digital products and commercials for television for the campaign.
  • Helping to plan and produce media products for various campaign events.

* Manage social media accounts and campaign website

Equipment Used:

• Your laptop or computer.

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