Internship Student FAQ


Am I able to get course credit for my internship?

Well, that depends. To get credit from the TCOM department, you must first be a TCOM major. That means that you must have completed TCOM 101, 204, 206, 207, & 284 with a C or better and have declared your option within TCOM. You must also still have unfulfilled requirements for graduation. If you already have at least 119 credit hours, and no required classes still to take, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Assuming that you meet those criteria, you are eligible to earn credit for the internship class: TCOM 391.

One more thing: If you’re a news option, please do your internship through the Journalism Department. Contact Brian Hayes ( for more information.

How many credit hours am I able to get?

Internships can count for anywhere from 1 to 6 credit hours. The total number of internship credits that you can get during your career at BSU is 6.

Freshmen and Sophomores can get 1 – 3 credits for an internship. Juniors or Seniors can take internships for 1 – 6 credits.

How many credit hours YOUR internship can earn you depends on how many hours you plan to put into it. The rule is that you must work a MINIMUM of 70 hours for each credit hour earned. So…

1 Credit = 70 Hours Worked
2 Credits = 140 Hours Worked
3 Credits = 210 Hours Worked
4 Credits = 280 Hours Worked
5 Credits = 350 Hours Worked
6 Credits = 420 Hours Worked

You can always work MORE hours than the minimum to get the most out of your internship. As part of the application process, you’ll meet with the Internship Coordinator to determine how many hours of credit you should receive based on your specific situation.

These credits are free, right?

You…You’re kidding, right? Look, if you enroll in credits, Ball State WILL CHARGE YOU FOR THOSE CREDITS!!! How much will they charge you? The same rate per credit hour as any other class. Specific numbers are subject to change semester to semester, so you’ll need to check the current rate with the Bursar.

This gets a bit complicated, but here’s the upshot for all credits in any semester:

You pay per credit for credits 1-12.

Once you hit 12 credits, you’re “full time” and your tuition stays at the 12 hour rate for credits 13-18.

Overload fees (read: additional tuition) apply once you hit 19 hours.

Here’s some good news: There are a number of fees that apply on top of the base tuition. If you’re ONLY doing an internship, you won’t have to pay several of the fees that only apply when you’re taking an on-campus class.

What kind of internship can I take?

If you want TCOM 391 credit, it needs to be related to your chosen industry. Don’t ask us to sign off on an internship at an auto body shop unless you’re shooting video for them! You also have to actually do something related to your chosen field. Most interns will end up answering phones, fetching coffee, and running errands. It’s part of climbing up the ladder, and you’re at the bottom rung. If that’s ALL you’ll be doing, though, that’s not good enough to get credit. We think you’re better than that, and deserve a better internship experience.

How will I be graded?

TCOM internships are taken on a pass/fail basis. Whether or not you pass is determined solely by your internship supervisor directly. The assessment is based on your ability to perform the duties that were laid out at the beginning of your internship and your professional decorum (whether or not you show up on time, and if you dress, act, and communicate appropriately). If you don’t like your results at the end of the semester, take it up with your supervisor, not the TCOM Internship Coordinator.

I’m ready and eligible! How do I get started?

Finding an internship is just like finding a job. We set it up that way on purpose! You find the internship, you apply, you interview, and (if you’re lucky and/or good) you get the job. As Internship Coordinator, my job is to handle the administrative end of the deal…Getting you enrolled in TCOM 391, and registering grades at the end of the semester. The Internship Coordinator is available for advising to help steer you in the right direction, but doesn’t have any strings to pull or favors to call in. The ultimate responsibility for finding and securing an internship is on you…The student!

Often the best way to start is with a little soul-searching. What is it that you want to do? Where do you want to do it? The answers to those two questions will help you narrow down your search. After that, it’s all research. A link to useful job/internship sites can be found here. You can also directly contact places if you have a specific company in mind. Want to intern for the Discovery Channel? Check out their website. Want to intern at your local television station? Same thing. Most places that routinely have interns will have some information publicly available. If you’ve found your dream gig and can’t find any info, shoot them an email and ask! Finally, don’t forget to network! If you know someone who knows someone at a company for which you’d like to intern, put those contacts to work!

Before you even think of applying, though, make sure that you’re really ready. Brush up your online presence (no pictures of drunken shenanigans on display, please). Make sure your resume is current and professional. Production students: Do you have a reel and/or website? Why not? You’ll want to get all of those things ready BEFORE you start sending applications/resumes. The first impression you make will likely be with your digital self. Make sure it’s a good one.

Again, if you need additional guidance, please feel free to contact your TCOM Internship Coordinator.

I just landed an internship! Now what?

Congratulations! First, take a deep breath and bask in your victory! Now back to work! Fill out the application form, and make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Fill out the application form. Remember that your supervisor will have to sign off on it as well.
  2. Turn it in to the Internship Coordinator.
  3. The Internship Coordinator will give you permission to sign up for a certain section of TCOM 391.
  4. When you receive word that your permission has gone through, sign up for the class through Banner (just like the rest of your classes).

I did an internship previously without registering for the credits. Can I get credit now?

Hahaha…No. Just no.